A Half Life 2, Single Player, Horror Mod

The Underground

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About The Underground

The Underground is a Half Life 2 Singleplayer, Horror Mod i have started to make To Be Done

So i have made a website for "my" mod And i also have a Site on


Mod Summary:

Following the events of a major earthquake, Daniel finds himself lying face down in the dirt, lost and alone in some sort of underground cavern. Scrambling to his feet he looks around his dark surroundings for a sign, a light, anything to get his bearings. Something stirs in the back of his mind and some nightmarish memory comes flooding back. People screaming, flames and billowing smoke reaching high into the sky, the thunder of military firepower. Had he blacked out? Coming to his senses, something in the gloom catches his eye, and slowly, he makes his way deeper into the cave.

Jobs left:

Here is the jobs from "my" moddb page: 

1. Modeler: View model
2. Hud icons 
3. Voice actors?

How to apply.

send a resume to 


Thank you

Regards GamerDude27

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